Casino Cheating

Casinos put lots of efforts and money for the security. They use sophisticated surveillance system and hire specialists for detecting suspicious behaviour in the casino. These casinos hire and train armies of security guards for walking the casino floors & detain anybody who shows signs of cheating. However, some or the other is always able to beat their system & many feel that breaking or bending rules is all part of a game. Some of the all time great spoilers who have managed successfully to cheat the casinos are as follows:

The Slots Scoundrel:

Born in 1950 Tommy Carmichael could be ranked one of the topmost cheaters in the history of Slots. He first came into the limelight in 1980s for using a device named top bottom joints for defrauding machines. After spending a term in jail Tommy invented a far more complicated and sophisticated device which he used to call "Monkey Paw".

Using the Monkey Paw he was in a position to trip a pay out switch that are there in electronic slots machines so as to release the cash or adding the credits at will to the slots machine. Later he invented light wand for deceiving the optical sensors & another tool named The Hangover for tripping up the latest Actuator arms that came up as anti-theft tool. No doubt he was a genius engineer, however the security teams were able to get hold of him yet again. This time he spent a considerable amount of time in the prison and later he got a suitable job of security consultant in Casinos.

Keno Killer:

A guy named Reid Mcneal did a seemingly impossible job by winning a hundred thousand dollars Keno jackpot in one Park Place Casinos at Atlantic city. He appeared quite unsurprised and that was probably the only mistake from his end which raised lots of eyebrows. Reid was a state employee of Nevada whose job was examining the slots machines & ensure that chips were being used properly. Reid managed to get an access of Bally's computer & discover random no. generator codes used for Keno. He applied some special devices for analyzing the code and then he later devised a system for getting a series of numbers for playing & ultimately win that huge and coveted Keno Jackpot.

Dice Dominator:

Domique LoRiggio is considered "Man with golden arm" & is oftentimes called The Dominator. With persistent practice LoRaggio was able to master the art for throwing dice in controlled manner. Loroggio did the rolling himself without anybody's support or maintaining a group he was able to win huge amount of money on craps tables by the the casinos realized that something was fishy.


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