Slots Rules:

As you start the play you need to select the coin's value for betting putting in use the buttons '+' & '-' that are there in bottom right side of screen. Afterwards, select the no. of pay lines for betting employing those numbered buttons around reels or by using the Bet 1 button. Every time the Bet 1 button gets clicked, other pay line gets added.

For almost all the machines, a player gets to choose lines serially as it increases (one, two, three, four, five - Possible; two, three, four, or one, five & so on & on- Impossible).Total aggregate of the bets comprises of the coin's value multiplied with no. of chosen paylines. This aggregate or sum gets displayed on control panel's box on the screen's bottom part.

View Pay table:

Upon clicking Pay table button you will get winning coefficient to each of the symbol combination. For calculating winning, you need to multiply the coefficient with bets per line. Upon clicking Pay table button again pay table would get closed.


As you push Max bets button, it would force all the paylines to get selected & it further launches reels automatically. If you have not chosen Max button beforehand, clicking spin button would launch the game too. There's another method to launch the reels, that is by pushing Enter or space bar keys on the keyboard.

The Automatic Mode:

A few slots machines do allow the automatic modes of reels spinning during any cycle up till twenty five spins & new rounds would begin without the activity of player. One of the spins is put in use by default: no. 1 is denoted on a tiny automatic games display atop spin button. Either sides of the display have 2 buttons to increase or decrease the no. of spins for any cycle. A mouse click add or subtract 1 spin. A click along with holding shift button sets up maximum or minimum no. of spins.

Afterwards you've selected the series' duration just push Bet max button, otherwise you could push Bet 1 & then spin for starting a cycle. The aggregate of bets get collected before each of the next spins from the account of player. The winning aggregate gets deposited into the account. Upon completion of each round, no. indicated on automatic games display reduces as it reaches one. As the complete cycle gets finished, an indicator for spins no. shows the no. set by you. Next games would be played by same series in case the player did not alter the no. of spins.


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