Tips of slots

Slots machines as already known are very simple devices & in reality there is not any sort of complication involved in the game. There have been a lot of absurd and ridiculous myths related to online slots, that is quite surprising considering that slots are so simple. A lot of them are quite dangerous & costly if you pay heed to them. One of the many myths mentions that the slots machines in use nowadays get operated with the help of a highly sophisticated digital micro processor.

In layman's terms, slots machines have a timer which runs all of the times & then generates shuffled or random permutations of numbers. When you as a player press the lever or button, the no. which was generated by that timer on that moment will be put into use as the base for calculating the round's outcome. As the lever or push button gets pushed a milli second early or a milli second later, outcomes will be totally different.

But some of the people prefer to ignore it, that it's nearly impossible trying to predict outcome of a game. So even if a scanner is plugged in the machine guts, all attempts would be totally futile, it would be even more difficult with the online slots.

Laws of Probability

As a result, educated gamer will stumble upon ridiculous gems of senseless miswits every now & then. For example, many a times you would have heard that these slots machines have been programmed for hitting the jackpot after each Nth time the lever gets pushed. On the basis of these surreal assumptions, folks tend to believe that if your play is long you certainly will hit that jackpot you are eying for.

Even worse, a few feel that in case the person who occupied the slots machine just after you got up and left & he manages to hit a jackpot, it is a matter of being so very upset because that very jackpot could certainly have been all yours if you stayed a little longer.

The fact of static probability & fixed odds is that, immaterial of how much money you are putting on the bet, & immaterial of how hard your play is, the chances are always the same each single time. At any point of time, whether you're pushing the buttor or lever or pulling it, whether you are dancing round the machines, or whether you are banging yours head against walls, it always was and it always will be exactly the same. That is the way it is, you can not fiddle with the fundamenta laws of Probability.


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