The Top Best Casinos in Europe

A new Gambling Mecca for Tourists?

There are a lot of luxurious casino resorts in Europe. Although Las Vegas has always been considered as the heart of gambling and oasis for players from all over the Globe, European casinos are not going to be inferior in any of the characteristics.
Many tourists feel high as far as they are able to seize the opportunity and visit both legendary architectural monuments, museums and other places of interest and try different gambling games (such as blackjack, roulette, slot machines, craps, keno and baccarat) in outstanding gambling houses.

Why Casinos in Europe are Different?

It is common knowledge that European casino attractiveness is different from those in the United States. Investigate the distinctness between them and make the right choice.
Most of the American wagering houses are organized as hotels with all surrounding infrastructure (restaurants, bars, disco clubs and, of course, casinos). Such casino-hotels look like “small cities” and attract thousands of people from various regions of the world. The number of such leisure complexes is constantly growing as the demand for gambling games is growing daily.
There are a lot of similar hotels in America which provide gambling games and other entertaining services. Such casino-hotels contain thousands of rooms of different level suitable for any players’ status: they may lodge different people from large families to those who travel for business purposes or single people who hunt for their fortune and a casino bonus. At this place one can meet people from various countries of the world and different nationalities and religious commitment.
On the other hand, casinos in Europe are quite different and are usually not linked with a hotel and other entertaining services. A stand-alone concept is very popular in Europe when it comes to casinos. Large casinos are made for tourists and suburb gambling establishments attract local population. Europeans conceive gambling as a way of life and take it for granted.

Best Casinos in Europe

Monte Carlo

Gambling was introduced in Monaco in 1857. Since that time it began to flourish, becoming a gaming ground for aristocracy layers of society in Europe. The name of this casino is associated with luxurious glamour and immense wealth.

Baden Baden

Marlene Dietrich described Baden Baden casino as “the most beautiful casino in the world”. Moreover this casino is one of the oldest and still functioning gambling establishments. It was founded in 1748 by Edouard Benazet. Craftsmen from Paris were invited to create the stylish premises that served for gaming purposes and nowadays attract thousands of tourists.

London Clubs

London Clubs International is well-known and recognized in the most exclusive and prestigious casinos in this city. The access is strictly limited and in order to join the high level gambling community one should apply for membership beforehand.


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