Slots Strategy

Slots strategy is a must if you are looking forward to turn into a winner in the game. A slot player looking for maximizing his pay-out ought to possess a fundamental know how of the working of pay-outs. The pay-out percentages are the percent of money that the player puts in a slots machine, would get paid back to him. If the slots machine is having a pay-out percent of 93 percent, it means that the player could expect getting back 93 dollars out of each 100 dollars he is putting in the machine.

It's an average, therefore some of the people may hit a jackpot & get hundreds and thousands dollars, far more than the money that was put initially in the machine. And at the same time, there will be many people who would lose half of their money that they put in same slots machines. Since we are only talking about theoretical percent collected over a huge no. of spins, a deviation from this observation could be very much possible in practical play, especially in short terms.

It's about business

Normally, the pay-out percent would range in between 83 percent and 99 percent although you will not get a lot of slots machines that pay more than ninety six percent. The casinos are bound by the law for paying out a certain percent. Usually in most of the states that percentage is 80. To stay in the cut throat competition some casinos go on the verge of paying as much as 90%. If they would be offering low payout percentages, they soon will be out of business.

That is the reason why folks warn the gamers away from a Native American casino. It is not that those casinos are not honest, it is just that they normally have quite low competition in areas surrounding them. So local gamers have no choice but to play in those few casinos in case they wish to play in a real casino. That's the reason which explains why local & small time casinos have very low payouts in comparison to Vegas casinos wherein competition is just fierce.

Progressives & Flat tops:

Flat tops are slots machines that do not have progressive jackpot. Usually, they have high hit frequency in comparison to progressive jackpots. However, at the same time they do not have much payout on hits. If you as a player are looking for your chance at some big jackpot, you need to go for progressive jackpots then. If you wish to win in more spins, flat top is always a better option.


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